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Amplified Bible Now let’s talk about the third energy i’m prepared to check out you

Amplified Bible Now let’s talk about the third energy i’m prepared to check out you

Unique United states Standard Bible right here for this next time i will be willing to come to you, and that I may not be a burden to you personally; for i really do perhaps not look for something your own, however; for children commonly liable to save up with their mothers, but moms and dads with regards to their youngsters.

NASB 1995 right here for this third times Im ready to come your way, and that I will not be a weight for you; for I do perhaps not find what’s yours, however you; for the kids commonly liable to truly save upwards for their parents, but parents for their kiddies.

NASB 1977 Here with this 3rd times Im ready to come to you, and that I will not be an encumbrance for you; for i really do maybe not search what is your own website, however; for children commonly responsible to truly save right up due to their parents, but parents with their children.

I will not burden you [financially], because i actually do n’t need what’s your own website [not funds or the possessions], but you. For the kids are not accountable to save up with regards to their mothers, but mothers for his or her youngsters.

Christian expectations Bible looks, Im ready to come to you this next time. I’ll perhaps not burden you, since I am maybe not looking for something your own, you. For the children ought perhaps not conserve for his or her parents, but moms and dads for offspring.

Holman Christian requirement Bible today i will be ready to come to you this 3rd opportunity. For kids aren’t obliged to save lots of right up for mothers, but parents because of their young children.

American standards variation Behold, here is the next time the league I am prepared come your way; and I also won’t be a weight to you personally: for I find perhaps not yours, nevertheless: for any young children ought to not ever lay up for all the parents, nevertheless the mothers for young ones.

I really don’t wish your property

Aramaic Bible in Plain English view, this is basically the next energy i will be ready to come your way, and I also shall never be an encumbrance for your requirements, because i really do not look for your own website, however; for kids ought maybe not lay-up gem when it comes down to mothers however the moms and dads for their young ones.

Contemporary English type Im about to go to your the 3rd times. But we however will not generate a burden of myself personally. The thing I want is actually you, rather than what you has. Children are maybe not likely to conserve for their parents, but parents should look after their children.

Douay-Rheims Bible Behold now the next energy I am willing to come to you; and I won’t be burthensome unto your. For we search maybe not the things which tend to be yours, however you. For neither ought the youngsters to lay up for any parents, nevertheless the parents for all the little ones.

I shall maybe not stress your, for I’m not desire what is your own website, but you

English Revised adaptation view, here is the 3rd opportunity Im prepared come to you; and I are not a burden for your requirements: for we find not your own, nevertheless: for any children ought to not lay-up your parents, nevertheless the parents your young children.

Very good news Translation this really is now the next times that I am prepared to visited check out you–and i shall not make any requires for you. It really is your i’d like, perhaps not your money. All things considered, little ones ought not to have to look after their unique moms and dads, but moms and dads must provide with their kids.

GOD’S WORDA® Translation I’m ready to visit your for a third opportunity, and I don’t bother you for assistance. As an alternative, I Really Want You. Youngsters must not need allow for their particular parents, but mothers ought to provide because of their girls and boys.

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